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There's a very tasty squirrel anruod here that Rufus might like to play with Oh Squizz, don't be such a spoilsport, sulking over there by the DJ. I was only kidding! I don't really drink whisky but I like Dalwhinnie. Every time Mum and I go to Scotland, we stop off at the distillery on the way north. Chocolate Courgette Cake? Wowsers. Any chance you could stock this in your chocolate takeaway, Lisa? Lovely to meet you. (You and Fennie aren't so far away from me. I live in RCT.) Look forward to reading more of your blog and finding out what you read.

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by and corntags for the long- and shortlisted blogs. Good luck with Where the Woolly Things Are for next Thursday's Awards ceremony. I don't knit but it's a cool blog. I love reading everyone's stories of what Cardiff is to them on . That's such a great blog. Your pictures of the Welsh Assembly on your Tumblr blog are wonderful. Really love the different perspective you've taken of it. I'll buddy up with you on NaNo. Don't stress about it I'm a NaNo virgin, too.

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