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Is this wise?

Lovely to meet you, Fennie, and thanks Chris for incdoruting us. I think I've eaten a little too much of all the party food everyone's been kind enough to bring along, but this is The Nut Press, so maybe I could just nibble on a couple of walnuts Purple Coo looks like a fun place to belong and your Vengeance of the Water Gods post was excellent, you write beautifully.

i'm really not sure what is left to say. the eiiaordtl positions of this site have been very close to exactly correct. we're not iraq experts, but are voracious consumers of news and analysis, and when we have directed readers to information or have used other reporting to augment our own views, you'd be hard pressed to find much that we got substantially wrong. i did make a few wild predictions, namely cheney being dumped from the ticket and parades for returning troops both in 2004, but these were hardly major topics here.contrast that with jimc, alex aka bob aka general fluffer who not only have touted phantom progress, hyped weapons discoveries that never amounted to anything, all the while, accusing us of being traitors, hating the troops, being wrong, etc. the simple question was isn't it embarrassing to be wrong about everything iraq-related all the time? this isn't a research project. the scoreboard isn't shrouded in fog and illegible. everyone here knows. yet when i asked jimc about this, his answer didn't even bother to address my very simple question. so i have a new question: what on earth do you think you have to rant about?take your time. i'm on vacation anyway.

the democrats send a funindg bill to the president. he vetoed it. as long as he refuses to sign the funindg bill, he is cutting off fundsA funindg bill? Did anything else go along with that funindg bill ? It was more than that. The democrats tried to force the President to do their will by ransoming the funds. But they knew full well that they could not achieve that goal, nor could they afford to drag this out. They had to make their try and then cave in, because in the end, they do not have any viable options. Dragging it out any longer would have put them at political risk for the very reason you stated before, so they wouldn't be painted as not supporting the troops , which is what would happen. This is why they caved and why they can't simply cut the funds and why they will continue in this same manner for the hope that 2008 will bring them the White House .in the mean time, I hope we can turn things around in Iraq, this is with more , our troops may yet have their victory, in spite of the forces against them

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